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Who is Thisishowirollfilm?

Thisishowirollfilm is the best place to get your ECN-2 motion picture film in 35mm and 120.

What is ECN-2 film?

ECN-2 is the development process for Kodak's range of Motion Picture film (Kodak Vision3 50D,200T,250D & 500T).

This process is slightly different to the other developing options like C41.

What makes ECN-2 different?

Motion Picture film has an additional layer called the Remjet Layer.

What is the Remjet Layer?

The Remjet layer is a black carbon layer that is on the back of the film.

This layer is there to protect the film when it is in the camera, as motion picture cameras run film through the camera at 24fps. This could allow static build up. The remjet backing helps minimise the risk of it damaging the film. The layer also helps protect the film from scratches.

In traditional ECN-2 developing, the Remjet layer is removed through a pre-bath. This is the reason that ECN-2 film cannot go through a C41 machines, as the remjet layer would contaminate the chemistry in the machine. The lab would then have to replace the chemistry and spend time and money to clean the machine.

Which labs can I send your film to?

There are a number of film labs in the UK that are now developing ECN-2 film. The following labs all currently develop ECN-2 film:

Some of these labs use traditional ECN-2 chemicals like the Film Safe, Take It Easy & Gulabi Labs. Some labs like Jack's lab remove the remjet and then run it through a C41 machine.

Which films do you offer?

Currently i stock the following:

  • Kodak Vision3 50D 35mm & 120
  • Kodak Vision3 200T 35mm
  • Kodak Vision3 250D 35mm & 120
  • Kodak Vision3 500T 35mm & 120.
  • Kodak Ektachrome 100D 35mm
  • Kodak Eastman Double X B&W 35mm.

What does the 'D' and 'T' stand for in your film?

The 'D' & 'T' stand for Daylight balanced & Tungsten balanced.

The daylight balanced film means they are balanced to capture images outside during the day.

The tungsten balanced film means they are balanced to capture images in lowlight situations or artifical lighting.

Tungsten balanced film shot in daylight will have a blue hue to them. This can be corrected either in post through colour correcting or by using a warming filter like a 85B filter. Adding the filter will prevent as much light to go through the lens and as a result you may need change the ISO you are shooting at. For example 500T with a warming filter, will have a ISO of 320 rather than 500.

How long does it take for you to ship my film?

On most occasions it will take 2-3 business days to fufill an order unless a alternative timeline has been mentioned on a product page, or annouced on the website.

Some products will be down as a pre-order. These products will be fulfilled within the usual 2-3 business days, once they have arrived with me.