Website Launch and New Products.

Hi all, 

Firstly, welcome to the new home of This Is How I Roll Film. I have made the decision to come over to a website, to be able to offer more products, and to be able to make bundles, among other things. 


  1. 50D,250D & 500T in 120 Format.

The first big announcement, is that you can now order 50D, 250D and 500T in 120 format. I have managed to work with a supplier of 120 format, and that has allowed me to bring it to the UK. At the moment, most labs (that develop ECN2) will develop it in C41 chemicals if you speak to them. I have been speaking to The Film Safe to see if they will be able to help with this, which hopefully this will be an option for people to send 120 format to be developed. 

Do watch this space, as I do hope in the future that i will be able to offer developing and scanning services. 

      2. Merch now available. 

Secondly, i have now managed to add some merch to the store. This is something that i have had in place for a while, but i have not made it accessible to everyone yet and have mainly been wearing the merch to myself.  

I have a range of different bits of merch available including T-shirts, Beanies, Tote Bags, Hoodies, Mugs and others coming soon. 

Merch will be shipped separately from any film orders. 


     3. Monthly feature. 

As so many people create some amazing and incredible photos on my film, i want to be able to give back to you guys. Each month, I will be picking one customer, who I will feature on this blog, and i will have a few questions for them to answering. This will be things like "How did you get into photography?", "Why did you pick (insert film stock)?". The aim is to share a range of photographers, and the range of motion picture film stocks. 

The selected photographer will get a discount code for 25% off their next order.  


Thanking for reading, and i hope you look forward to future blog posts. If you have any suggestions, or any news that you would like me to include in a newsletter, do get in contact via email or a DM on Insta! 

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