Customer Showcase #2

Customer Showcase #2

Hey everyone, it is time for the next customer showcase! This time we have Millie talking about the 50D, which is perfect timing ahead of the summer and an underused film stock, probably due to the fact we never have enough sun in the UK! 

If you would like to be featured, do reach out with any of your images from any of the film stocks! I would like to do a feature on each of them, so if you have shot the 500T, 200T, XX or Ektachrome, do reach out. If you are featured you will receive a discount code for your next order! 

Firstly, who are you and how long have you been shooting film?

I’m Millie, I’m 27 and I’ve been shooting film for something like 15 years. It was a hobby that was nurtured by my late grandfather. 


What camera/s do you use? 

I have had, and currently have, several in rotation. I really enjoy exploring cameras as machines and having a different experience with different results, so testing different cameras is a big part of my hobby. My favourites are my Contax 167mt, Contax T3 and Mamiya 645. 


What is your photography style or what is it you like taking photos of? 

I’m most passionate about portraits because I think faces are so interesting, but I’m in the habit of just taking a camera with me everywhere. 


What made you want to shoot thisishowirollfilm 50D? 

I like trying different film stocks and I felt it was something a bit different, and I’d never tried it before: so ultimately, curiosity. I’ve followed Pete on Instagram for ages too so that made me think it’d probably be good stuff! 


What tips would you give to people shooting 50D for the first time? 

Trial and error always. Try the same shot on a couple of alternative settings and see what the difference is in results, e.g. is it pulling quite bright, or dark; contrast, warmth etc. 


What is your next photography goal or experiment? 

I have a lot of very old Ilford film in the fridge, I’m not sure of the date but it’s got old brown packaging - so it’s definitely not recent! I’ve been meaning to pop that through a camera and see what I get. 


Tell me about the images you have included, how were they shot, where, what made you want to shoot them?

I was shooting with a Mamiya AF2 rangefinder which I think produces a really interesting aesthetic. I think combining with the 50D was a good choice as I quite like the ‘vibe’ even thought the subject matter is not necessarily interesting. The 50D has quite a lot of ‘range’ as you can see one shot is in outdoor bright light, one outdoor subdued light and one indoors where it was fairly dim.

Where can people see more of your work? 

I upload everything to Flickr, it’s my cloud storage so everything is there - 

Or instagram @millieclintonphotography 

What's one thing you wish you knew when you first started that you wish you could tell your past self? 

The best way to learn is from your mistakes. I don’t think photography requires extensive study or mentoring: just pick up your camera, take a notebook, make notes of what settings and lighting you’re shooting with, and see what results you get. I’ve studied photography as well as just ‘winged it’ and I honestly think I learnt more - and certainly had more fun - by just shooting and seeing my results.

Which thisishowiroll film stock are you next thinking of shooting? 

Any of the 120!



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