Customer Showcase #1

Customer Showcase #1

Hey everyone, welcome to a new series called 'Customer Showcase'. The goal here is to showcase each month a different customer that uses my film. I want to have a diverse range of photographers from all sorts of photographic journeys and styles. 

Each month I will pick a customer and ask them to answer some questions and share some images. 

The chosen customer will then receive a discount code for their next purchase. 

Either tag me on instagram or email me ( with your images. 

So onto the first customer Showcase and first up we have River Fleetwood. 

Firstly, who are you and how long have you been shooting film? 

Hi I’m River Fleetwood, I’m a 22-year-old photographer based in Manchester. I’ve dabbled in photography since my early teens but I began taking it seriously when I did a photography A-Level in college. I’ve been shooting film since about March 2021, after some disposable/instant film experimentation in 2019/20.

What camera/s do you use? 

For 35mm I use the Canon EOS 3O and EOS 650. In the past I’ve used other cameras such as the Pentax K1000, but I like later era cameras with more shooting options and auto-winding - it’s like a happy medium between true analog and digital. I also use an Olympus Pen EE-3 for half frame, and a Zenza Bronica ETRC and Pentax 6x7 for medium format.

What is your photography style or what is it you like taking photos of? 

In all honesty I’m still trying to figure that out. So far I’ve just been taking my camera out and about photographing things I find interesting. ‘Spontaneity’…I guess? However this year I do want to delve into more portraiture, fine art, concert and mixed media. I’m really interested in telling a juicy story with my images, and just constantly trying to improve at my craft.

What made you want to shoot thisishowirollfilm 250D? 

I follow a bunch of prominent photographers, and I’ve seen a few of them shoot and review cinema film - @ribsy in specific. I also work in film/tv so I think the interest stems from there too. Personally I think 250D captures colour as true to life as possible - it’s not like photographic films where there’s typically a colour cast. I also think the grain structure is tack sharp and allows for a lot of detail. And when bought from Peter it’s significantly cheaper than other stocks on the commercial market - what’s not to love!

What tips would you give to people shooting 250D for the first time? 

Light. Lots and lots of light - sunlight if possible. I generally hear that 200 speed is good for outdoors and 400 speed for indoors but here in England I find it’s always too dark. The sunny 16 rule doesn’t really apply up here in the North. I would always suggest saving any colour film for the late Spring to early Autumn period.

What is your next photography goal or experiment? 

I set myself a few goals for this year. First and foremost I want to put myself out there and meet other photographers and models. As I mentioned, I want to practice certain genres a lot more and just in general make a lot of ‘good’ work. Any professional work would be a bonus.

Tell me about the images you have included, how were they shot, where, what made you want to shoot them? 

I shot these images in Florida during our June 2023 vacation. It’s a place I’ve been going to since I was a baby, and at this point it’s like a second home. It’s a beautiful location full of nature, culture and sunshine. But over the years I’ve seen a lot of the area fall into ruin - see, the Disney and Universal parks are a big part of Orlando’s economy and as a result the surrounding areas have become a tourist trap; a strip road lined with gift shops, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. But over the years, and especially following covid, more and more money has been staying within the holiday resorts; with hotels and venues on site there’s no need for people to leave the Disney/Universal compound. Cracked roads, mass deforestation, people struggling to get by. I’m fascinated by the contrast between how an outsider may see the area and the reality of what’s happening, my own personal viewpoint lying somewhere in-between. It’s something I really want to document and it’s an ongoing project - one that I’ve (arguably) been working on since 2018. 250D was essential to this project, capturing images as if I was using my own eyes.

Where can people see more of your work? 

@fleetwoodonfilm on instagram, I’m also planning to set up a website and print store in the near future.

What's one thing you wish you knew when you first started that you wish you could tell your past self? 

I would tell myself to buy and freeze as much film as possible, particularly from independent shops before prices go up. Fuji 400 was never a good price at Boots but in 2021 it was £10, now it’s £16 - you can’t convince me that’s fair inflation. I would also try to teach myself everything I’ve since learned about light, metering, etc. I’ve lost so many good images to underexposure, and it’s a learning process but if I could shorten it I would.

Which thisishowiroll film stock are you next thinking of shooting? 

100% Eastman Double X. But I'm always interested to see what Peter releases next. Maybe some MF 65/70mm rolls of 250D?






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